The wood carving flute used as a heroine favorite of NHK’s continuous TV novel “Half, blue.” Was produced at Taniguchi Nobuo Studio.

t is a selling place of wood carving whistle which receives many inquiries every day, but Inami sculpture general hall and Inami Art Museum , we sell it at 1,080 yen (including tax).
Out of stock is ongoing and it is very troublesome but we appreciate your understanding.

Inami wood carving village
730 Kitagawa Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture 932-0226
TEL 0763-82-5757

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A wood carving whistle was introduced by Kita Nippon Newspaper
NHK半分、青い。の木彫笛の販売先 新聞掲載されました

A wood carving whistle was introduced by toyama Newspaper
NHK半分、青い。の木彫笛の販売先 新聞掲載されました